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An intense 2-hour Workshop for successful business and marketing executives

Why do superior products, services-even companies fail while competitors thrive? Why doesn’t being simply better and working harder assure success? How can you look like a clear winner on paper but be losing share to branding-savvy competitors?

I’ll answer these questions and more when you take part in my “Pump Up Your Brand” Workshop at your company.

I’m Scott White, President and CEO of Brand Identity Guru Inc. Join me for 2 hours of practical, real-world information and advice on how to evaluate and measure the strength and effectiveness of your brand, plus step-by-step instructions on how to shape the perceptions of your prospects.

Even the best executives have trouble maintaining the laser-sharp focus their messages need to reach their audience. The result is an opportunity for competitors to undermine your position and how your products or services are perceived in the market.

Invite up to 15 of your key employees to take part in a stimulating session that I deliver, in person, at your place of business, for only $995*.

You’ll learn why it isn’t enough to have clear, rational benefits, and why “salesmanship” often backfires. In just two hours I’ll pump new energy into your branding muscles and rejuvenate your marketing spirit.

Sparks of energy will fly. There’ll be lots of laughs, mental push-ups and practical advice you can use right away. Call 617.504.2305 and see for yourself why attendees have called it “essential,” and “so helpful!”

You’ll enjoy the workout.

The “Pump Up Your Brand” Workshop is a chance to develop new routines to replace some of the bad habits of day-to-day marketing while I reinforce the importance of developing your brand image, identity and equity. Call 617.504.2305 and reserve your conference or boardroom. For only $995* you get:

  • Knowing what Brand really is, how it works and why it’s so important.
  • A first draft of your brand identity road map - a compelling description of your brand and the key sales messages associated with your brand.
  • Consensus to the questions: Who are we? What do we do? Who do we do it for? How do we position ourselves relative to the competition?
  • A road map for strategically communicating your brand in the most succinct and persuasive manner possible.
  • A foundation for implementing and using your brand identity.
  • Internal input needed to conduct market research with your target audiences in order to validate the brand identity.

Schedule the “Pump Up Your Brand” Workshop today. It’s a sure-fire way to not only recharge how you think about your brand, but also give you and your associates a fresh way to approach your jobs each day.

Call 617.504.2305 or email at for more information.
*Standard business travel and expenses additional.

“Thanks for taking the time to “Pump Up Our Brand”. My product marketing team found it extremely useful and thought provoking. Your definitions of brand identity, brand image, and brand equity will help us frame our marketing strategy and our tactics. As you reminded us, brand is the aggregation of every prospect or customer interaction with our company that creates an impression. As you stated...It’s not just a logo or an advertisement - it’s the personality and soul of a company. It’s what makes you unique and why people buy from you. I’m a big believer in the power of brand, so your two hours with my staff and peers helped me evangelize the importance of brand strategy. Thanks again for the education and the consultative advice. I’ll get back to you shortly on potential next steps.”

Bill Zujewski, Product Marketing Senior Director – Siebel Inc.

“Our young company was lucky enough to participate in the “Pump Up Your Brand” Workshop with Scott White of Brand Identity Guru Inc. In a matter of two hours Scott gave us reasons and the tools to change the way we positioned ourselves in the marketplace. If you ever have an opportunity to take the Workshop with the Brand Identity Guru Inc., do whatever you must to get in!”

Marcy MorsePettinelli & Bean Table Top Designs, LLC

“On behalf of the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) CT I want to thank you for conducting your Pump Up Your Brand Workshop at our program on Brand Identity on May 18th at 500 Blake St. in New Haven. The evaluation forms were completed by 18 of the attendees and overwhelmingly indicate that your program was a big success. Of the 18, their years in the industry range from 1.5 years to 32 years. The majority of the respondents fell within the marketing manager/director category with the others falling within the marketing coordinator and principal categories. The majority of attendees found your Workshop to be right on point. Thank you again for your help in shedding some light on the topic and getting our members and friends pumped up about branding!”

Marcia MochnickSMPS CT