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Boston advertising agency Brand Identity Guru Inc. has created The Brand Masterpiece, a proprietary process that, when professionally executed, delivers a clear and measurable competitive advantage to your firm. It does so by helping you establish a positive connection and value-relationship with your customer, which, over time, will build brand equity and increase brand value. Once this value-relationship is established, both internally and externally, it can be measured, monitored and enhanced periodically, as needed, to strengthen your brand effectiveness and increase your bottom line. Whether you’re building a new brand or energizing an existing one, Brand Identity Guru’s Brand Masterpiece will maximize the value-relationship between corporate profitability and the perception of your brand.

The Brand Sketch

The first step in the fine art of branding

Customers factor brands into every purchase. The stronger the brand, meaning the clearer the position it occupies in their minds, the more value it has and the more likely they are to choose it — again and again. The goal is to get them to choose your brand over your competitions. And that’s where The Sketch from Brand Identity Guru Inc. can help. The Sketch is an in-depth assessment, a strategic survey we use to determine the state of your company’s brand equity. It helps you discover key elements important to satisfying your customer base utilizing brand research findings. The Sketch provides us a foundation upon which to develop the best model for customizing your brand communications master plan... which we call The Masterpiece. The Sketch allows us to accurately measure the present effectiveness and value of your branding. It establishes brand value as a benchmark for future enhancement.

How? By zeroing in on which qualities and attributes of your products, services and company make you different from your competition. And, by how well they are perceived in the market. It helps you modify and align products, brand positioning messages and communications with laser point accuracy on your customers’ specific needs and wants. The Sketch is really a personality profile of your brand. It describes your good points, but more importantly, highlights where you are weak. It does so by using a system of inter-related measurements to gauge brand perceptions and effectiveness. Using a grading scale of 1-10, we test vital aspects of your branding (identity/brand image) as it relates to:

• products or services
• target markets
• messaging
• communications.

We’ll conduct interviews with management, marketing, sales and other key employees. We’ll uncover segments of company operations that can do more to nourish the brand, helping you pinpoint areas ripe for improvement.

Our external research includes surveys with clients, prospects, vendors and key industry personnel. We’ll conduct a “competitive analysis” which tells us how targeted audiences see you, your products or services and how you stack up against the competition. We tabulate the results and provide you with a customized Brand Analysis Report. Very informative. Often revealing. Only after analyzing all the essential components of branding can we provide this detailed document that shows exactly where you can improve.

The Masterpiece
How your brand can become a work of art

Your brand is your company’s power base, its number one asset. The Masterpiece is designed to ensure that your company delivers on its brand promise. It provides companies with a guidebook for continually building, measuring and enhancing brand value and helps you achieve clarity of branding focus and direction. First, we use The Sketch to find your brand’s present position and value. Then we develop The Masterpiece, an in-depth master plan that defines the strategies, which can strengthen and improve your brand performance and market position by establishing a connection and value-relationship with your customer. Unlike The Sketch, the picture we paint is not a snapshot of what you are today. The Masterpiece helps you redefine brand personality in the marketplace. It’s how your company will be tomorrow, how it will be seen and perceived by customers, potential customers, your managers, employees and vendors. When managed properly, The Masterpiece increases financial security, growth and earnings potential. It will establish a clearly defined brand vision for employees and management. Both their motivation and commitment to the delivery of the brand promise will greatly increase. The Masterpiece is a strategic master plan that will contain specific internal and external strategies and tactics, all with the goal of turning your brand into a marketing masterpiece. It’s a brand master action plan that encompasses:

• brand objectives
• brand positioning, the promise of the brand
brand strategy & tactics

The Masterpiece aligns products, services, and communications for uniform delivery of the brand promise throughout your enterprise. Everything is spelled out, integrated, and ready for execution. It’s the professional implementation of The Masterpiece that makes it a work of art. This vital tool empowers every person in your company to show the true colors of your brand. It gives form and unity to communications that differentiate your Corporate branding in the marketplace. It provides a rallying point for employees and provides a cornerstone document of all corporate resources to support brand core competencies. As people understand the defined objectives, more ideas blossom, making the brand grow even stronger. After all, the true test of any masterpiece is for it to appreciate over time.

The Masterpiece is not a static document to be hung in some dusty museum. It’s a living, breathing, dynamic statement of change based on proven scientific testing, data analysis and measurable results. Capture more mindshare with The Masterpiece... your palette for branding success.

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