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The BIGPicture™
Communications Strategies And Tactics That Stimulate Sales, Increase Profits And Advance Careers.

A Thorough Process.
The BIGPicture™ is Brand Identity Guru's strategic planning process designed to generate the information you need to make intelligent decisions. It guarantees that your brand is strategically positioned, that your MarCom messages are on target, and that you meet your marketing goals.

A Fresh Point of View.
Perhaps the single most valuable benefit of the BIGPicture Strategic Marketing Plan is the objective point-of-view that we bring to the table. We examine your industry, company, products, services, employees, clients, prospects and the marketplace with unbiased eyes. Our recommended action steps are based on empirical evidence and the insights and experience of our staff of only senior level MarCom professionals. Your BIGPicture Strategic Marketing Plan will be an original and creative document that will serve as the "blueprint for success" for all future marketing activities.

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Brand Marketing
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