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Skillful Product Branding

With millions of products on the marketplace all claiming to be the best value for the money and each touting its own brand values, how can your product stand out among the clutter? The answer is powerful product branding. Every product or service created, modified or revitalized today faces this question. And every year, new powerful brands emerge in the marketplace to capture strong sales and customer loyalty.

The Little Golf Ball that Did

It's not just what your product is that gains consumers attention. It's what your brand is associated with that allows it to leverage the value of other symbols in the market. Nike brand golf balls, for instance, had little brand awareness or marketshare. But recently, Tiger Wood's amazing shot at the Master's Golf Tournament in Georgia showed a Nike logo on the golf ball that he shot crawl an amazing distance to the hole where it hesitated and finally dropped in the hole. Millions of golfers young and old saw that ball with the Nike logo on it. A powerful brand was born.

By itself, a Nike golf ball had little sales power. But when Tiger Woods nailed the swoosh-emblazoned ball on his famous shot, it gained instant respectability against famous golf ball brand names like Titleist, Pinnacle, Prostaff and Dunlop who have long reigned as the premier golf ball brands.

What are your product brands associated with? What images do you associate with your products in their advertising? If your product branding isn't as effective as it needs to be, Brand Identity Guru’s Inc. product branding consultants are ready to make it a winner.

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