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Strategic Branding and Marketing Research

The Brand-Aid™, The BrandMasterpiece™ and The BIGPicture™

The Brand-Aid™ Research is a proprietary process created by Brand Identity Guru Inc. that, when professionally executed, delivers a clear and measurable competitive advantage to your firm. It does so by helping you establish a positive connection and value-relationship with your customer/prospect, which over time, will build brand equity and increase brand value.

Strategic Customer/Prospect Research Designed To:

  • Determine client/prospect hot buttons and pain-points in the market for a company/product like yours
  • Uncover marketing/advertising mediums primarily used by clients/prospects when searching for a company/product like yours (trade ads, direct mail, internet search etc.)
  • Compare your company/product against 2-3 competitors
  • Uncover current brand image perceptions of your company/product
  • Develop value proposition
  • Develop positioning
  • Develop brand promise

Once this value-relationship is established, both internally and externally, it can be measured, monitored and enhanced periodically, as needed, to strengthen your brand’s effectiveness and increase your bottom line. Whether you’re building a new brand or energizing an existing one, Brand Identity Guru’s Inc. Brand-Aid™ Research will maximize the value-relationship between corporate profitability and the perception of your brand.

Brand-Aid™ Survey

Customers factor brands into every purchase. The stronger the brand, meaning the clearer the position it occupies in their minds, the more value it has and the more likely they are to choose it — again and again. The goal is to get them to choose your brand over your competition’s. And that’s where the Brand-Aid™ Survey from Brand Identity Guru Inc. can help.

The Brand-Aid™ Survey is an in-depth assessment, a strategic survey we use to determine the state of your specific industry/product. It helps you discover key elements important to satisfying your customer base utilizing brand research findings. The Brand-Aid™ Survey provides us a foundation upon which to develop the best model for customizing your brand positioning and brand promise.

The Brand-Aid™ Survey allows us to accurately measure the present hot buttons and pain points within your specific industry or product. It establishes the best mediums for you to allocate your marketing budget dollars to. How? By zeroing in on which vehicles your clients and prospects would use to find a company/product like yours. It helps you modify and align products, positioning messages and communications with laser pinpoint accuracy on your customers’/prospect’s specific needs and wants. Why waste marketing dollars on trade ads if search engine optimization fulfills your clients/prospects needs?

The Brand-Aid™ Survey is really a personality profile of your market. It discovers the markets strengths, but more importantly, highlights where the market is weak.

We’ll conduct phone interviews, web surveys and direct mail response with clients, prospects and your key employees. We’ll uncover segments of company operations that can do more to nourish the brand, helping you pinpoint areas ripe for improvement. Our external research includes surveys with clients, prospects, vendors and key industry personnel. We’ll conduct a “competitive analysis” which tells us how targeted audiences see you, your products or services and how you stack up against the competition. We tabulate the results and provide you with a customized Brand Analysis Report. Very informative. Often revealing. Only after analyzing all the essential components of branding can we provide this detailed document that shows exactly where you can improve.

In the end we will deliver a new and improved positioning, brand promise and value proposition. Branding efforts will be directed in the proper marketing and advertising mediums saving you valuable budget dollars. Your company will be set up to have one brand voice and to capture market share and brand equity.

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