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Search Engines drive most of the traffic on the Internet so having a broad presence on Google, Yahoo and MSN is critically important for most businesses today. Our SEO Services and keyword positioning strategies have resulted in significant financial successes for our clients. Our 12+ years of experience and analytical approach to SEO services along with innovation and creativity in this sphere gives your company a substantial business and sales advantage.

A thorough, professional SEO strategy guided by an experienced SEO Company is much more important than you may realize. Our client's results demonstrate that our approach is what creates the expected results in today's competitive search engine listings.

Without Search Engine Optimization, brand visibility and reach to new customers is going to be poor. Customer loyalty will erode too as your customers are always online seeing your competitors. Build stronger sales and brands with our search engine optimization expert. Our total, thorough focus on your needs and building traffic is what makes us the right choice. Get the professional SEO services that will generate more leads, sales and brand exposure. You can have it all.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services:

SEO Studies/Reviews and advisory services
SEO (search engine optimization), marketing and positioning strategies
SEO content development
Paid submissions to search engines
PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising Campaigns
In-depth analysis of search engine rankings and keyword positioning
Quality link acquisition
In depth Web analytics
Social Media Optimization

With a sharp eye on generating new business, Brand Identity Guru Inc. will develop and run a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign involving marketing goals, current situation analysis, keyword targeting, organic search engine strategies, optimized content development, link analysis, and web analytics.

Our SEO and search engine optimization work is 100 percent guaranteed to significantly increase your web traffic.

Expert Search Engine Positioning

Smart businesses that realize they need to stand out from the chaos of the online world, rely on Brand Identity Guru Inc. to create search engine optimization and positioning strategies that positively affect their bottom line. For many of these businesses, the realization that they need a strong presence on search engines comes after losing money and sales leads to their competitors who do. Don't be one of those companies! More people and businesses are relying on search engines such as Google and Yahoo to get what they need fast. And no matter how great your offerings may be, if your site isn't ranking highly, you're losing customers.

Brand Identity Guru Inc.'s search engine optimization and Internet marketing team are experts in driving these potential customers to your door, using innovative optimizing and positioning strategies like: keyword and key phrase optimized web copy, web site submissions, reciprocal linking, online promotion techniques, search engine positioning along with a complete suite of tracking and analysis services that reveal how well these strategies are working so adjustments can be made. With Brand Identity Guru Inc. in your virtual corner, your business will enjoy a strong presence in the global online marketplaces that search engines have become.

Why is a top ranking on the key search engines important? Because it's absolutely the most cost-effective way to get more visitors to your web site. Recent statistics show that between 70-80 percent of website visitors go to a web site by way of a search engine like Google or Yahoo! A top-10 placement means your company is right there to be found.

Professional search engine optimization and positioning solutions provided by Brand Identity Guru Inc. include:

  1. A comprehensive web site analysis (goals assessment, target market profile, and surveys on industry status and past success)
  2. Assessment of your competition's search engine positioning
  3. Keyword and popularity breakdown
  4. Search engine optimized copywriting
  5. File name, meta and body tag optimization
  6. Manual submissions to search engines and directories
  7. Comprehensive review and analysis of performance
  8. Complete maintenance and monitoring services
  9. Research on reciprocal link opportunities and implementation
  10. Online promotions for your website

SEO Results

Learn more about the high rankings and revenue generation we're creating for clients.

BIG is a professional Boston SEO Company and brand image development specialist. When you need expert brand or search engine positioning, call us at 617.504.2305 or email us at

BIG - Boston Search Engine Optimization

BIG is Boston's leading SEO services provider delivering full service search engine optimization, content development, link building, keyword research, PPC campaign optimization, landing page optimization, and blog setup.

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SEO Testimonials:

Having wasted thousands of dollars on SEO firms that were all talk, we were glad to find and work with BIG. BIG has a team of very dedicated professionals that were willing to roll up their sleeves and take ownership of our project. They have nurtured our sites along and have constantly monitored our progress and made adjustments without being asked. Our sites are now very successful thanks to their efforts. - Cliff Savage

"We couldn't be happier with the results we are getting with Brand Identity Guru Inc.. We now get double the amount of clicks we were receiving daily, resulting in an increase in traffic that far exceeds our expectations. Brand Identity Guru Inc. has made targeting Boston Real Estate clients we wish to reach very easy. - Jay Rooney

"Our SEO results have increased from 20 to 200 clicks per day and has put us in a position to gain valuable sales through our Website. Brand Identity Guru’s Inc. Internet strategy was a no-brainer and it really helped build our brand awareness. It’s great to see these kinds of results and build our brand at the same time. - Tony Bernstein