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What is a Brand?

Brand identity or brand image is a mental or emotional association in the customer's mind. It is initiated by the images you use in your advertising, and the by words you use to describe your products. After sufficient impressions, the customer remembers these associations. Thus, your brand is born.

A brand is a complex entity in the mind of a customer. Brand identity is the fully expressed description of a brand and how it positioned in the marketplace. Brand image, meanwhile, is a customer’s internal emotional reaction to the expression of a brand identity. The brand image is comprised of your products' attractiveness, ease of use, functionality, popularity, and overall value (perceived or real). Whichever of these are the strong points of your company and its offerings, build on them when crafting and executing your brand communications plan. If you do, the new customers you get and the existing customers who buy from you again will experience a “fulfilled promise” which is the basis for a positive brand image.

When combined with a well-conceived brand positioning strategy, your advertising has the power to shape your company’s brand image in a way that positively affects your company’s revenue, reputation and customer loyalty over the long-term. Learn more about brand positioning.

Brand Identity Guru Inc. can help your company build a powerful brand identity and brand image by choosing the most effective attributes and building a powerful and communicative brand message to consumers.

Brand definitions and terminology have grown to describe important elements and concepts involved brand marketing. Just leave the terminology to BIG's branding Gurus. We'll make your brand memorable and effective and get it in front of the right target market.

Keeping Customers Loyal

Your customers and prospects aren’t always in front of your products or advertising, which means they could forget about you or be persuaded by a competitor to buy their products instead. That’s why you need to take advantage of a little thing human beings have called, memory. Even while a competitor courts your customers, if your brand made a favorable impression on them while they were with you, there’s a good chance they’ll reject that competitor's offerings. That's the power of a good brand.

Having a strong brand is important because competitors usually have ready access to your customers, and a mind to steal them if they can. Of course, you can do the same. But it’s always easier to keep an existing customer than to woo a new one. That means maintaining your brand’s strength. It also means keeping your company Web site at the top of the search engine rankings. That way your brand is always there for current customers and new ones to see. Differentiate, position and maintain your brand's presence on TV, the Web and in print publications. It’s worth the investment. Lots of powerful brand-driven advertising makes a successful marketing strategy for any company.

To learn more about the role of a brand marketing company and how Brand Identity Guru Inc. can optimize your corporate branding or product brands, call us at 617.504.2305 or email us at sales@brandidentityguru.com.


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Click this link for our Flash Web site. If do not have Macromedia Flash installed on your computer visit our no plug in Web page. Branding is BIG's forte and Flash Web design is an excellent multimedia presentation form that we endorse. Flash does not have to undermine your search engine visibility as it does for most sites. If you've been rejecting Flash because of this, we can assure you that we have successful workarounds. We're the top Boston Search Engine Optimization and Web design firm in Boston. We'll make you happy.

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BIG offers professional Web design services that include search engine optimization. We want your branding to extend powerfully into the online markets.